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Created in November 2009 and led by ZANAHITA Odya GOLTRANT and Daniel, the family company Sambavanille, is destined to become a privileged partner of potentials buyers of vanilla.

The company is from the original company BRUNET, founded and directed for several decades by Mr. Brunet, a picker-packer highly well known in the vanilla market.  Trained by his father and entourage at an early age.  BRUNET company, which is also a family business activities as the collection, preparation, packaging of Madagascar vanilla.

It does not export its products, but supplied the largest local exporters; it has a very good reputation nationally because of the quality of its products and services; vanilla is very difficult to handle and requires a real mastery of know-how to get beautiful pods. This expertise is acquired mainly through experience and passion for vanilla.

Before creating SAMBAVANILLE, we benefited from the gold mine (know-how and experience) from the company BRUNET, because we have trained and worked with for many years. This transmission and training are invaluable for SAMBAVANILLE. As mentioned above BRUNET is a family company, almost the whole family works in the vanilla company in decades. As children of Mr BRUNET, we are the third (3rd) generation of the family working in  vanilla sector sector.


"After being immersed in the industry since childhood, the virus of vanilla has never left me. I focused all my training and research only on vanilla during my four (4) years of study in International Business,  performed at the Institute of Communication, Business and Management (ISCAM) in Antananarivo Madagascar.

I completed my school career by a year of training in marketing in France. Even with a wedding, a baby and a house in France, the appeal of the vanilla was the strongest and here I am back in Sambava, with my  husband and three children to finally realize our dream and passion to create our company for collection, preparation, packaging and export of vanilla. " Odya ZANAHITA "

Odya Z.


"A native of Lille, nothing predestined me to one day live and work in Madagascar. First holiday in Madagascar, exploring the island, vanilla, then the family returned to France head full of memories, smells, and dreams.

Our dream is to live in Madagascar and become vanilla pickers, then begins to ripen. Three years later, our dream comes true. For that, I had to leave my family, my friends and my work as an accountant I occupied for 10 years. Madagascan adventure, begins in August 2006 and since, my passion for vanilla growing, and with three children I hope over insured. "GOLTRANT Daniel"


Daniel G.


To better control the company, we decided creating SAMBAVANILLE to export our products ourselves. In this way, we control the upstream and downstream our company, in order to control the quality of our products, our prices, optimizes our gross margin by reducing the intermediaries between us and the buyers.  

Sambavanille, with a simple goal: be present in the sector, the collection of green vanilla, preparation, packaging and export of a finished product in impeccable quality.

For this, we rely on the expertise of all of family and the whole process is controlled and monitored. Our vanilla comes from preparing home or buying bulk, quality is perfectly mastered.


Sambavanille Madagascar Sambavanille Madagascar